Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Rocket Garage - Amsterdam!

After many, many months of planning, Rocket Garage is excited to announce that we are establishing a presence in Europe with the opening of a new launch facility in Amsterdam, Netherlands. This station will be under the direct guidance of long-time friend and former model, Kim Vos, whose many years of experience working and traveling within the fashion world will help facilitate the success of Rocket Garage's core mission throughout Western Europe.

It could be argued that the genesis of this partnership actually dates back to the mid 90's, when Lance LaBreche (then an agent at Boss' women's board) and Kim Vos (an aspiring model from Amsterdam looking for representation in New York), sat in the lobby of a hotel on Via Washington in Milano during that season's Collezioni Donna, sipping coffee and talking about all things current. Kim pulled out a notepad with a list of photographers and magazines she was interested in working with, and the conversation went on for more than two hours. In fact, it's gone on for more than thirteen years, and we can't express how thrilled we are that it will continue into the future. A successful model, choreographer, producer, and runway coach, Kim can now add "Flight Director" to her long list of professional accomplishments, and we are so proud to have her as part of the the Rocket Garage Family.
Clear the pad and prepare for liftoff...


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